This page contains information about the symposium that is relevant to companies.

What is the symposium?

The symposium is a day organized by Isaac Newton during which 200 mechanical engineering students follow lectures and cases related to a theme. Other events during the day include a lunch, a company market and a drink afterwards. The lectures and cases are given by companies who are operating in the sectors surrounding the theme. This years theme is ‘Designing For The Win, Triumph Through Technology’ and focuses on the role of technology and mechanical engineering in the sports sector. This year the symposium will take place on 13 December.


The location where the symposium is going to take place in in the Horst at the University of Twente, the adres is De Horst 2, 7522 NB Enschede. Cars can be parked on P2 at the campus. Below there is a map showing how to walk form P2 to the Horstcomplex. In the central hall a committee member will welcome you.

What is the role of companies?

The symposium is an extraordinary opportunity for companies to gain brand awareness with students. Around 200 students mechanical engineering of which roughly 70 are in their master phase attend the symposium yearly. Companies can cooperate with the symposium in several ways.


Your company can organize a lecture during the symposium for the participants. During this lecture all the participants can be told an interesting stroy about what your company has been up to. A lecture takes about 60 minutes. We advice a presentation of 45 minutes so there is some spare time if the lecture takes longer and there is room for questions.


Organizing a case is a more interactive option to tell students about the company. During the case groups of participants will work on a problem that if faced by your company for about 90 minutes.

Company market

During the lunch a company market is held. Every visitor of the symposium will be present here, which makes is a great opportunity to reach out and contact all participants of the symposium!

Other options

There are several other options to cooperate with the symposium. For example, it is possible to have your logo or an article/advertisement printed in the information booklets. Also you can get your logo on this site.

If you are interested in a cooperation with the symposium committee contact us.