After a year of being a full time board member of our study association, I am looking forward to continuing my study and of course organizing the Symposium. As the chairman of the committee I strive to make this symposium one of the best Isaac Newton has organized so far!


My name is Joep van Manen and I am currently in my second year of the BSc Mechanical Engineering. My function within the commission of the symposium is secretary. I think it’s important for students to obtain a clear view of what they could be doing after graduating. Therefore, I feel elated to help construct a bridge between companies and students through organizing a symposium. Apart from studying, I like to spend my spare time on practicing sports.


My name is Ruben Quik, I am currently in my thrid year of the BSc Mechanical Engineering. As the treasurer of the Symposium commission I’m responsible for all the finances. The most fascinating thing about the sport industry is the improvement in the technology, a small difference in weight can make a formula 1 car a few tenths a lap faster. Thanks to the mechanical engineers the cars, boats and bicycles get faster everytime. That’s why its good to see what we engineers can do!

External affairs

Hi! I am Sjoerd Barts and currently in my fourth year and started a master in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve always been interested in technology and am continuously taking on challenges besides taking courses to really make the most of my years as a student. That’s also the main motivation for working on this symposium. I’m also an avid sportsman and regularly engaged in basketball, football, cycling, running and swimming. My activity as External Affairs involves all contacts with companies and other external parties and I’m motivated to make the most of it.


My name is Thomas de Jong and I am in my fourth year of the BSc Mechanical Engineering. As one of the commission members of the symposium I arrange all the promotion for the symposium. Being broadly interested technology I also find it fascinating what technology can do to a society. Studying mechanical engineering I felt we did not take into account what effect our work could have on our way of living, so I am doing a premaster industrial design now. One great example of technology affecting our way of living resembles the theme of this symposium, namely the effects of technologies on the way that we play sports.


Alicia Knijnenburg is the board supervisor of the committee.