Welcome to the website of symposium: “Designing for the Win!” which takes place on the 13th of December in the Horst building of the University of Twente. This symposium organised by study association W.S.G. Isaac Newton will be the first English symposium with a Mechanical Engineering perspective. The symposium is a full day filled with interesting readings, cases, a company market combined with the lunch and drinks as closure.


Mechanical Engineers are involved throughout all sports. Max Verstappen wouldn’t race without them and Sven Kramer would still use wooden ice skates if not for the Mechanical Engineer. The University of Twente and study association W.S.G. Isaac Newton in particular houses a special type of Mechanical Engineers. Engineers which train hard, go for the best designs, take on any challenge, want to be faster than anyone else and always try to come out on top. This years theme represents this mentality:

Designing for the Win! Triumph though technology.